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Welcome to Shofar Mission
Cebu City

Shofar Mission is a para-church mission with the desire to train up and equip native pastors, ministers and churches to spread and do the work of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We're non-denominational.

    Shofar Mission Center is located in the heart of Cebu City in the Philippines. We exist to disciple, equip and come alongside Christians and ministries in the Cebu area for the greater good of the Kingdom of God. We have been established and working in the Philippines for more than a decade. Currently we provide biblical programming on local cable TV in Balamban, print and distribute hundreds of copies of a Philippines version of our American university magazine called Word on the Street in Cebu (which is written in part by Filipino writing staff), broadcast daily teaching on the radio at DYTD 92.7fm at 5am Monday through Friday, and host a large annual youth camp where eighty to one hundred youth have taken part in full group video curriculum, small group discussions and worship. Currently in the city, we meet weekly with university students for dinner and a bible study as part of our campus organization, Street Level Ministries. We are also working with schools throughout metro Cebu and teaching science curriculum from a creation perspective.

    God has given us a love for Cebu and has opened the doors for us to find friends and ministry partners all over the island. This provides us a network of unique ministries with which to work together to see God glorified in Cebu. Our long range hope is to see young Filipino brothers and sisters answer the call of God and take up their crosses for the sake of their countrymen and beyond.

    We are not your typical Western mission organization. We try very hard to break the stereotypes of the well-intentioned but often ill-prepared missionary work that is sometimes represented in the larger world platform. We do this by intensive planning and training as well as diligently seeking to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. We avoid toing the missionary line hoping for a unique and fresh move of God for today. The bottom line is that we are in it for lasting fruit. With that mindset, we’re not afraid to change direction (no matter how hard the decision) that we might remain fruitful.


Shofar Youth Discipleship Camp

a 3-day event in May

Shofar Camp has hosted as many at 110 campers. The camp is designed to challenge the youth in their walk with God through video curriculum, small group discussions and worship. If you would like to join us this year, scroll down to our contact page to let us know.

Shofar TV (cable) - Balamban

tune in to channel 37

Shofar TV provides Christian programming all day long for everyone. Children's programs are on in the morning and Bible teaching through out the day along with recorded concerts, science videos and more!
If you have cable in Balamban, tune in 24/7.

Word on the Street Magazine

a quarterly publication for University students

Word on the Street is published four times a year in three locations in the world. Two are produced in the United States and one in Cebu City. Articles challenege the average University student to step up their walk with Christ. We have a strong Filipino staff who contribute to the Cebu edition.

Street Level Ministries-Cebu

a university campus organization

Street Level Ministries is a group of people who want to know God and be used by Him in a big way. Our goal is to help students learn how to practically pursue God by teaching what He says in the bible, helping students find the right church, and equipping them to find God's purpose for their lives. We meet on Fridays at Elicon House in Cebu City for dinner at 6:30pm & Bible study at 7:30pm.


Let us know if you have a question or would like more information.
If you like, text our office phone: 0928-430-5307